Journal History

Patrawidya:Seri Penerbitan Penelitian Sejarah dan Budaya is a series of publishing research as results of Center for Historical and Traditional Conservation (Balai Pelestarian Nilai Budaya D.I. Yogyakarta) and guest writers, as well as invited writers covering the areas of history and culture. Patrawidya has been accredited by the Scientific Magazine Appraisal Committee of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences since 2006. Patrawidya is published periodically three times a year, in April, August and December. The name Patrawidya came from a combination of two words "patra" and "widya", derived from Sanskrit, and became an absorption word in Old Javanese. the word "patra" is derived from the word "pattra", from the root of the term pat = float, which is then interpreted by the wings of birds; fur, leaves; flower leaf; fragrant plants fragrant; leaves used for writing; letter; document; thin metal or gold leaf. The word "widya" comes from the word "vidya", from the root vid = know, which then means "science". Patrawidya is defined as "a sheet containing science"

Patrawidya was established and published in 2000 with the publishing frequency of 4 editions in a year. Now, Patrawidya is published 3 editions in a year The journal is the development of the publication of research reports with the scope of history and cultural studies published by the Center for Historical and Traditional Conservation of Special Region Yogyakarta ( Balai Kehestarian Nilai Budaya Budaya Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta).