Ngèngèr (A Character Education Model)


There are many understandings of cultural concepts put forwards by various cultural thinkers, one of which is the concept of culture which emphasizes more on intangible culture. Understanding and discussing character education in children is very important considering that it will become the foundation and guide in living life and live in the future. Various thoughts offer a character education model. This rises the idea, what kind of character education model to implement? Although there have been various thoughts and all of them are very good, in my opinion there is still one thought that deserves to be observed, namely ngenger as an agent of character education. Ngenger is defined as ngabdi, meloe marang wong liya dadi batoer. In undergoing ngenger there is knowledge gained that can be used to handle life. There are several schools that are very smart in applying the ngenger concept which is applied in the school education curriculum, namely live in profession and live in social. Ngenger, which initially existed in Javanese life, was actually applied in education system in several schools, including SMA De Brito and Vanlith. Observations, interviews, and literature study were carried out to examine and explore the understanding of the concept around life in ngenger. Many lessons in tracing life can be learned from ngenger, for example the existance of punishment for students so as not to repeat mistakes make. Then, get example from fellow friends ngenger. Live in provesi dan live in social is applied to students of SMA De Brito Yogyakarta by entrusting the students to handicraft seller and living with a sweeper family.
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