Pela, Gandong And Plural Social Capital: Analysis on Social Capitals Capacity In Building Social Integration Among Ambon Society


Ambon had become the most surprising violation region in Indonesia since the massacre of anticommunist in 1965/1966. The religious war set Ambon as the puzzled city physically and mentally. Ambon people are plural and they consist of various social groups like community of anak negeri Maluku, anak dagang or immigrant out of Maluku and different religions. Pela and gandong are traditional institution of anak negeri in Maluku to build their social integration. When conflict of Ambon occurred massively peaceful activities were performed through pela and gandong traditions. The main data for the research were collected from field notes in 2012, literature studies and were analyzed using descriptive qualitative method. The result of this study shows that pela and gandong are only effective merely for anak negeri Maluku who are restricted to the pledge in pela and gandong traditions. People of Ambon who are plural really need plural social capital to build social relations among variant groups to support harmonious social living.
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