The Hanuman Cult: Rain Bearer in Merapi-Merbabu Texts


Hanuman is a figure that has been worshiped for a long time in the Old Javanese tradition. In some statues of Hanuman described as someone who brings salvation to peace. In addition, Hanuman is also known in the Javanese wayang story, both the Ramayana and Mahabarata stories as warriors; He was involved in various battles of Alengka, Bratayuda, until the dispute between Yawastina and Mamenang family. Interestingly, in the MerapiMerbabu manuscript found a mantra to bring and stop the rain, especially Hanuman is believed to be the bearer of rain. This research is a qualitative descriptive study that uses philological methods to discuss the relationship of Merapi-Merbabu texts related to Hanuman. After that, the text discussion discusses ethnographic studies related to rain summoning rituals that are still ongoing in the Merapi-Merbabu area. The results show that Darmawarsa text contains the journey of Sang Prtajala and Sang Hyang Darmawarsa in achieving of Batara Guru grace. In the text found a mantra related to Hanuman as a rain bearer. The relation between text and Hanuman which is believed by the Javanese people as a rain bearer is still found in the Merapi-Merbabu slopes. Changes in people’s beliefs have made the ritual of asking for rain to change into a new form adapted to the developing religion.
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