Modernisasi di Tengah Tradisi Kraton: Pasoekan Poeteri J.P.O. (1934-1942)


Javaansche Padvinders Organisatie(J.P.O.), was an organization initiated by Mangkunegara VII and known operating in the field of scouting. Women had an important role and gave contribution the such an organization. Although in the beginning, only men participated in JPO, later in its development, several women join the organization and established ‘Pasoekan Poeteri J.P.O.’. One interesting topic to discuss from this movement organization is how J.P.O. which grew and developed in the environment or background of strong palace traditional cultures perceived the women within the organization.In brief, Pasoekan Poeteri J.P.O had actually represented the will of Mangkunegara VII, to keep up with modernization, yet continuously maintain the Javanese cultures. Pasoekan Poeteri J.P.O. as an accommodation for female children or teenagers in the Mangkunegaran environment had, in fact, been able to become the agent of modernization, especially for women themselves and all Mangkunegaran people.
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