Considering Space - Exploring Opportunities: Madura Artists’ tricks to Adapt to Pandemic and Technology
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siasat seniman
sinema komedi
pertunjukan virtual pandemic
artist strategies
comedy cinema
virtual performances


The COVID-19 pandemic has given a significant impact on people’s lives in Indonesia. The sluggish economy caused by restrictions on activities and the use of public space resulted new various activities as alternative ways to give solution to the limitations and adversity, including traditional art practices in local communities. The objective of this research is to describe the phenomenon of artistic activities performed by traditional artists and local communities in Sumenep, Situbondo and its surroundings in dealing with technology and the pandemic. The discussion is about various artistic practices outside the mainstream, in the ‘periphery’ (local) areas, which are often overlooked and neglected in discussions about art. This research is a qualitative research using observation techniques and in-depth interviews. The findings in this study indicate that the pandemic phenomenon among local communities (Madura culture in Sumenep, Situbondo and surrounding areas) has resulted unique and distinctive recording media artworks, such as: 1) Madurese Comedy Cinema is the transfer of ketoprak performing arts to audio-visual cinema. This practice was initially carried out by traditional artists, then many similar works emerged which were produced by local young people in different styles and tastes; 2) Virtual Art Stageis an effort of local communities and traditional artists to perform their work in a new stage space. Unconsciously they have been documenting culture that plays an important role in the development of regional culture.
PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
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