Mistification of the Ratu Kidul: One Model of Life Governance
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Ratu Kidul
Governance of Life
Harmony of Living Together
Sustainability of Local Wisdom
Holistic Mitos
Ratu Kidul
Tata Kelola Kehidupan
Keselarasan Hidup Bersama
Kesinambungan Kebijaksanaan Lokal


This paper attempts to arrange pieces of concept into a mosaic of understanding on the myth of Ratu Kidul, which has got relatively less portion in today’s logical thinking. The question raised in this article is how is the existence of the Ratu Kidul myth in the context of managing the harmony of common life? To answer this question, the understanding of the myth and the existence of Ratu Kidul’s mythology needs to be described according to the context. Based on the context of this understanding, the governance of common life and the mystification of Ratu Kidul is then studied or discussed in order to get better understanding on the existence of the Ratu Kidul myth as one of the models for managing common life. By using the main basis of research or literature that has been produced by the author as well as other related literature studies, the data were collected and compiled through various additions and modifications according to the current context. The results of the data analysis show that the existence of the Ratu Kidul myth cannot be separated to the human understanding of the holistic harmony of life together (the entire universe). Thus, the existence of the myth of Ratu Kidul is also one of the models of life governance.
PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
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