One Roof Four Faces: Gorontalo, Bugis, Javanese and Chinese Ethnic Multiculturalism in Gorontalo City
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Kota Gorontalo multiculturalism
Gorontalo City


This paper discusses the multiculturalism of Gorontalo, Bugis, Javanese, and Chinese ethnicities in Gorontalo City. In addition, Gorontalo City is also inhabited by various religious believers, ranging from Islam, Catholicism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, to Confucianism. The diversity of ethnic groups and religions in Gorontalo City has been going on for a long time since it was still in the form of a kingdom and has continued until present. They all can coexist well. This analytical descriptive research was conducted in Gorontalo City, Gorontalo Province. The method of literature study and in-depth interviews was performed to analyze the data.The results showed that the arrival of Bugis, Javanese and Chinese migrants in Gorontalo City was encouraged by the city status as a trade center. The migrants then settled and built houses. The potential for conflict can be mitigated because of mixed marriages between migrant and local ethnicities, mutual tolerance, and the participation of various elements of society.
PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
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